Pubg Mobile UC (UID)


About PUBG Mobile UC.

Player Unknown Battleground, abbreviated as (PUBG) Mobile, is a gaming app that enables users to play in a premium battle royale mode. The user gets access to design its character and join a free battle competition. The battleground set in the game is online, where you can play with a team, duo or solo. The most hyped thing about this game is that it offers different deals to get the In-game items such as crate boxes or to approach weapon skins, clothes, other handy products, etc.
To enjoy it at the extreme, you must buy the Unknown Cash or UC by which you will be able to buy the fanciest gun skins and dazzling dresses and dominate the battlefield in a more fashionable style.


ROYALE PASS-৳660, Elite PASS Plus-৳1650, 32 UC -৳65, 60 UC -৳110, 120 UC -৳220, 180 UC -৳330, 240 UC -৳440, 300 UC -৳550, 325 UC -৳560, 385 UC -৳660, 523 UC -৳900, 660 UC -৳1100, 985 UC -৳1650, 1800 UC -৳2750, 3850 UC -৳5500, 8100 UC -৳11000


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